In December 2018, with the support of CICED in Moscow, the scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the educational system of Elkonin – Davydov was held. The topic of the conference was “Developing Education: yesterday, today, tomorrow”.

During the conference presentations of leading scientists and specialists devoted to the analysis of history of the system in school practice were made. Also conference included presentations on influence of the DE on the development of modern educational practice, including theoretical developments and the practice of implementing of the DE. A large block of the conference was devoted to workshops with the participation of children and parents on various areas of developmental education.

Alexey Vorontsov, the general director of the Open Institute “Developing Education”, indicated that this year marks 60 years since the laboratory of Dmitry Elkonin was established on the basis of school No. 91. From this moment on, the Elkonin-Davydov educational system is being counted. “The conference solved three problems: we summarized what was done in science and practice during this time, what is now and where we are going next. The main point was to understand what role the Elkonin-Davydov system can play in the development of education today. ”

Vladimir Lvovsky, head of the laboratory for designing the activity content of education at the Institute of System Projects at Moscow City University, noted that in spite of the jubilee conference, in fact, it was held in working mode: “We have published the report of Vladimir Vladimirovich Repkin. Galina Anatolievna Tsukerman told about the new primer. Many participants came: from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Izhevsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and other cities. These are managers, teachers, psychologists, various specialists.”