Discussion of updated version of Federal State Education Standards took place in Moscow

On October 15 a plenary session was held in the Moscow center for education quality in frames of all-Russian meeting, devoted to the 2019 State Final Examination (SFE) results and arrangement of 2020 FSE conducting. V. Basyuk, Deputy Minister of Education was among the keynote speakers of the event.

In the course of his presentation Deputy Minister highlighted the key areas within Federal State Education Standards (FSES) that were modified and updated both with the changes that they will bring.

The updated FSES feature reduced, more detailed and specified requirements to the structure of the basic education curriculum and results of its acquisition, which should lead to less amount of paperwork for teachers.

V. Basyuk also mentioned that in the new version of FSES successful achievement of students’ personal results as well as providing unity of curriculum and disciplinary activities are high priority issues.

Moreover, the expected subject achievements are now thoroughly documented; there are up to 15-20 concrete assessment indicators for each subject and on top of that practical implementation of acquired knowledge is highly emphasized.

An updated version of FSES is planned to be adopted till the end of this year.

Source: Ministry of Public Education

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