We are happy to announce that in continuation of the series of educational distant schools on the assessment in secondary education  4 more schools are being prepared and will start shortly:

1. The content and organization of the formative assessment of the students and the teacher (inclassroom assessment) in different levels of the secondary education.

2. Formation of the self-assessment of primary school students.

3. Projecting and approbation of the three-level tasks in educational process in different levels of education.

4. Содержание и формы организации промежуточной аттестации учащихся на разных уровнях школьного образования.

Schools will be organized as series of webinars, each of 1,5 hour long. Approximate duration of schools is 5 days. Participation in schools are free. At the end of the schools participants will receive certificates on further in profession training.

We will inform you on the dates of each school. Please, follow us on social networks and check back our site.