The 5th EdCrunch Global Conference on Education Technologies has started in Moscow. About 5 thousand visitors, 20 thousand online listeners, more than 300 Russian and foreign speakers and 50 industry companies take part in it.

The EdCrunch2018 V Global Conference on Technology in Education is held under the motto “Transform Data”. It is dedicated to the latest research and practical solutions in the field of work with big data in education: from methods of collecting and analyzing educational statistics to the use of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence in the educational process.

EdCrunch2018 guests will receive specialized tracks covering more than 15 areas of education: “Children and Technologies”, “Digital School”, “Digital University”, “New Technologies in Corporate Training”, “EdTech startups: sales and marketing”, as well as an exhibition of technologies and technological solutions in education EdTech Alley. More than three hundred foreign and Russian speakers, world-renowned specialists in the field of online education, educational analytics, school and preschool pedagogy, corporate education and HR, educational IT solutions, will speak at the conference.