International conference “The results of  TIMSS and PISA 2015 and the factors influencing changes in the education system” was held in Moscow on 1st of February 2017. It was attended by representatives from more than 30 countries and all regions of Russia.

Participants discussed the results of international comparative research of education quality, their practical use, the influence of transformations in the educational systems on the level of preparation of students.

By the results of TIMMS and PISA 2015 Russia confirmed its leading position in mathematics and science education.

Positive impact on the quality of education in Russia was made after the introduction of new state educational standards, introduction of  national examinations in grades 9 and 11 and objective assessment of graduates by Unified States Exam and hard work that was performed on the results of  this assessment.

The representatives of Israel, Lithuania, Turkey, Estonia and Germany presented the results of their countries in international studies and factors that influenced  changes in education. Russian officials presented  the reforms conducted in the school system of Moscow that allowed city schools to become one of the world  leading.