Major Groups and other Stakeholders Webinar with President of ECOSOC

On January 28th members of Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society participated in discussion in frames of the 1st webinar organized by Major Group NGOs with support of representatives of UN member states. The main topic for the discussion was strategies and tools for provision of political leadership of the High-Level Political Forum in solving key issues of the Sustainable Development agenda related to overcoming results of the COVID-19. Many participants noted that at the moment many countries look into implementation of the SDGs only in frames of national borders, ignoring interrelations of issues and underestimating global trends. Before the pandemic many participants of the process clearly saw that SDGs won’t be reached, that’s why development of the new strategy and tools are very actual and needed asap. During the webinar participants received presentations from other major groups “Healthcare as a fundamental right”, “Climate change”, “Inequality, diversity and inclusion” and “System economical reform”.

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