“Measuring math self-concept among middle schoolers: questionnaire development and validation”: CICED expert’s article at PME&Yandex conference proceedings

At the end of December 2019 conference papers of “Technology and psychology for Mathematics Education” conference were published. The event was organized jointly by International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (IGPME) and Yandex. The head of CICED Center for Evaluation and Research in Education Natalya Lebedeva took part at this event with an article entitled “Measuring math self-concept among middle schoolers: questionnaire development and validation”

The article is devoted to how self-concept is related to student’s performance and why it should be treated as an indicator allowing to predict future subject achievements.Therefore, it becomes possible to evaluate the relationship between student’s math self-concept and real academic success. Assessing math self-concept is crucial in order to control and maintain student’s educational level, as it contributes to the increase of subject competence and better performance.

A questionnaire for measuring math self-concept was developed and tested along with the research utilizing Student Achievements’ Monitoring (SAM) subject competence assessment tool.

Comparison of the results of testing and math self-concept level measurement proved that there is a strong correlation between them as students with high level of math self-concept demonstrated excellent results in SAM test either. Therefore, the developed questionnaire for measuring math self-concept can be implemented both as a tool for secondary school students career guidance.

You can access the conference papers by following this link.

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