We present to your attention the article “Modern approaches to assessing the effectiveness of the work of teachers. Review of Foreign Publications ”, published in the HSE Institute of Education’s Issues of Education, No. 3, 2018.

The authors of the material, O. V. Temniatkina and D. V. Tokmeninova, make a review of foreign publications on the problem of assessing the results of the work of teachers. Two main approaches are considered: assessing the performance of a teacher in terms of student performance and a formative assessment based on monitoring the teacher’s activities and establishing feedback from the teacher on the results of observation.

According to the authors of foreign publications, there is no reason to expect that the students’ academic performance indicators will fully correspond to the quantity and quality of the efforts made by the teacher for their training: academic performance depends on many factors that the teacher cannot influence. Some researchers suggest ways to increase the validity of using performance data in assessing teachers. Formative assessment of students gradually enters the structure of the pedagogical process, however, the principles of a formative assessment of the effectiveness of the teacher’s work are still emerging in school practice.

The article analyzes the methods and techniques formative assessment of the activities of the teacher, presents the first results of research on their capabilities and limitations. Most of the authors of the presented publications are unanimous in their opinion that the system for assessing the effectiveness of the teacher’s work should be organized so that it contributes to his professional and personal growth.