The head of the Rosobrnadzor, Sergey Kravtsov, spoke about the current issues of control and supervisory activities in education in the coming years. The speech took place in the framework of the All-Russian meeting with the heads of state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of education “Prospects for the integration of control and supervisory activities and a unified system of education quality assessment” in February 2019.

The head of the Rosobrnadzor recalled that a uniform system for assessing the quality of education is being built in Russia, the All-Russian screening works are being put into regular mode, and the unified state examination is being objectively and systematically improved.

“We are moving to a risk-based model of control and supervisory activities. Evaluation of the quality of education will be laid in the new mechanisms of control and supervision in the education system. We must ensure this integration, ”said Sergey Kravtsov.

He said that Rosobrnadzor will continue to work on creating objective mechanisms for assessing the subject and methodological competencies of teachers. Among the promising areas of work is the assessment of the effectiveness of educational work in schools, the development of methods for evaluating “soft skills,” such as creativity or the ability to work in a team, the creation of centers of analytical work with the results of all assessment procedures in education.

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