Center for International Cooperation in Education Development (CICED) and National Training Fund (NTF) in cooperation with the World Bank invite you to participate in short-term online training «Winter School 2016: assessment of IC skills of secondary school graduates : assessment tools, organization of the assessment, results of research, influence factors. Development of IC skills within and outside of school environment».

The Ministry of Education announced implementation of the program “Digital School”. How effective the implementation of such programs? Do they achieve their goals? Are the graduates of secondary school ready for the further studying and successful living in  terms of innovative economy?

In order to get answers to these questions the National Training Fund with the support of the World Bank developed an assessment tool IC literacy test that allows to evaluate the level of IC literacy of secondary school graduates. IC literacy test conduction is fully automated. The student receives the result of the testing and recommendations on how to improve them in the time of the test ending. The results of the IC literacy testing show if students master the IC competencies that are set in the Federal Educational Standards since September last year.

The goals of the Winter School 2016 are:

· to learn the features of the IC literacy test when using it in different educational contexts;

· to get acquainted with factors and different teaching approaches that influence the IC skills improvement;

· to learn about options of the IC literacy application in order to improve students educational results.

All participants of the Winter School  will sample the IC literacy test and evaluate the requirements to the levels of IC competencies. Participants will be offered to create practical task that helps to form different components of the IC competencies, homework task or a project (in groups or individually) on the development of IC competencies.

The Winter School 2016 will take place online  from the 10th to 24th of February  (four 1.5 hour webinars + independent work). The participation in the Winter School is free. By the end of the courses participants will receive certificate on further in-profession training.

The introductory webinar for the Winter School will start on the 10th of February 2016 at 11:00 Moscow time.