In the new issue of the journal “Herald of Education” an article by the President of the Eurasian Association for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education, V. A. Bolotov, entitled “The past, present and possible future of the Russian system of education quality assessment” has been published.

The article discusses the main stages of the formation of the Russian system for assessing the quality of education: certification of educational institutions, participation in international comparative studies, the introduction of the Unified State Examinations, the formation of a community of professionals involved in the assessment of the quality of education.

The author sees the urgent tasks of the development of the national system for assessing the quality of education in the transition to a competence-oriented exam and a state examination with preservation of the subject component; in the creation of national monitoring, which would help to compare the regions and municipalities, as well as monitor the socialization of school graduates; in the development of various models of intraclass and intraschool assessment and the creation of tools for measuring individual progress of students. The author considers the absence of a competent interpretation of measurement results at all levels as the main problem in assessing the quality of education.

The article can be found at the link.