Seminar will take place on September 18th. The seminar is dedicated to presentation of the preliminary findings of the international report “Universal Competencies and New Literacy: What to Teach Today for Tomorrow’s Success”.

The project aims at conceptualizing the changes in the content of school education:  addition of universal skills to subject knowledge. The project has the great importance not only for Russia, but for the whole World.

The report is a result of a consortium of leading research institutes from seven countries (Russia, Great Britain, Canada, China, Korea, Poland, USA, Finland). Russian international team includes specialists from the HSE Institute of Education and the Moscow City Pedagogical University (MGPU).

Two main questions of the project are:

  • What universal skills and types of literacy are the most important?
  • How to form them in school education?

Seminar program includes report and discussion. The speakers are:

– Isak Frumin, scientific director of the HSE Institute of Education;
– Igor Remorenko, Rector of the Moscow State Pedagogical University;
– Maria Dobryakova, chief expert of the Center for the Study of School Practices and Educational Programs of the 21st Century of the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics.

For those who cannot participate in the seminar an online broadcast will be provided.

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