The sixth issue of the journal of the Eurasian Association for Educational Assessment (EAOKO) was published in August 2018. You can see the following articles:

  1. Azareva V.V., Zvezdova A.B. “Independent assessment of the quality of education: problems and prospects”.
  2. Gudenko A.V., Libertzova E.V, Gabucheva Y.P. “Monitoring of educational achievements: a personalized electronic toolkit for assessing the subject and meta-subject results of students”.
  3. Zabulionis A. “About examinations in gymnasiums of the Russian Empire”.
  4. Komlev A.V. “The method of forming the responsibility of the youngest teenager in the conditions of modular-rating training”.
  5. Mikaelyan O.S., Mikaelyan L.O. “Checking, teaching: teaching assessment as an approach to improving the quality of education”.
  6. Namzhilova E.S. Tools for in-class evaluation in the modern educational space.

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