International comparative monitoring study of the quality of mathematics and science education Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) is one of the most representative studies in the secondary school. In 2015 more than 580.000 students from 57 countries have participated. This study is organized by the International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievements ( International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement – IAE).

The aim of this study is  comparative evaluation of math and science education in secondary school  in countries with different education systems, revealing features of the educational systems that determine various levels of student achievement.

In 2015 the training of primary school leavers and pupils of 8 classes in math and science was studied, as well as preparations of high school graduates studying at the proficiency level in mathematics and physics. Students, their parents, teachers and administration of educational institutions filled up surveys which allowed to identify the factors influencing the quality of education in Russia, to compare the content of the educational standards in our country with requirements for secondary education in other countries.

The results of the TIMSS 2015 in Russia remained at a high level. Pupils of 4 grade took 7th place in the ranking in math and 4th in science. Pupils of 8th classes took 6th place in math and 7th in science. Thus the Russian Federation has traditionally shown good results as a result of participation in TIMMS.