The aim of the competition held within the framework of the Small Grants Program is to support research in the field of school education quality evaluation and educational policy in Russia and the CIS countries.

Center for International Cooperation in Education Development CICED with the support of the World Bank implements the Small Grants Program, which is aimed at the formation of professional contacts between experts from Russia and CIS countries, as well as at development and support expert capacity in the field of education quality assessment.

The Small Grants Program is implemented within the Russia Education Aid for Development READ. The READ program is a joint initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation and the World Bank. The main task of the READ program is to support participating countries in building the capacity of institutions responsible for measuring learning achievements, and use these data to improve teaching and learning.

The competition ends in:

2017/04/30 23:59:59
Who can participate

Research teams that have work experience in the field of school education quality assessment or educational policy. Research teams must include at least one researcher from Russia, and at least one researcher from CIS countries. Applications will be accepted from research teams from CIS countries.

Research topics

  • Review and recommendations for the use of data of student’s achievements assessment in policy decisions making related to admission and rgraduation of pupils for different levels of education;
  • Study of the experience of introduction and implementation of training programs for professional development for teachers on use of in-classroom assessment;
  • The study of existing and new mechanisms and approaches to analysis, presentation and use of assessment data for the improvement and development of teaching and learning.

Research types

desk studies

development and approbation of methods of analysis for school education

development and piloting of methods and tools for education quality management

Expert committee

Expert committee includes representatives of CICED, the World Bank and leading Russian and international experts

Expert committee:

  • Reviews applications
  • Reviews and accepts midterm research reports
  • Reviews and accepts final research reports

Grant amount

The grant amount is up to $10000 USD. Only individual work of researchers will be financed through the Program. Other project expenses shall be covered from other sources.

Winners of the competition will also receive further expert support for the research:

  • Support in editing, reviewing and publishing of the article on the results of the conducted research
  • Invitation to make a presentation at the international conference

Competition procedures and timeline

Application review

1st of May – 20th of May, 2017
Application review

Announcement of winners

15th of June, 2017
Announcement of winners

Research implementation

Research implementation
from 1st of July, 2017

Midterm report

Midterm report – every quarter of the year not later than 10 days of the quarter end

Research end

Until 30th of June, 2018
Research end

Research finalization

Until 31th of August, 2018
Research finalization


Please send your questions and suggestions to the program coordinator Daria Ovcharova