The idea of the International Research of Student Achievements (IRSA) Project derived from CICED’s activities in education assessment and capacity building. CICED serves as a supervising entity and implementing agency. The core of the IRSA Project is a longitude research supported by training, knowledge exchange, contributions to public good and wide results dissemination. The current participants include Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia. The IRSA design and intermediate outcomes are getting recognition through international events such as CIES annual conference, EAE-Europe annual conferences, global expert groups such as Building Evidence in Education and World Bank seminars.

The IRSA Project is implemented within the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ). The READ program is a joint initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation and the World Bank. The main task of the READ program is to support participating countries in building the capacity of institutions responsible for measuring learning achievements and use these data to improve teaching and learning.

Who can participate?

Individuals, research teams and organizations that would like to gain work experience in the field of school education quality assessment or educational policy. This can include and not limited by specialists from developing countries, Russia, CIS countries. To submit an application for participation please click the button on the right.

IRSA Project Goals

  • To promote and implement the use of innovative methodologies for education quality assessment that will assist countries with improving national systems for educational assessment, starting with everyday classroom assessment and going beyond country level by participating in international comparative research

  • To enhance educators’ capacity building through “learning by doing”, educational training and participation in international dialogue on the future of education

  • To gain scientific data for improvement of policymaking that should be deeply grounded in research evidence

  • To accelerate regional cooperation and stimulate knowledge and technologies exchange between countries that carry similar legacy in many approaches to education.

IRSA Partnership

National testing centers and institutes of education serve as focal points for project teams. The focal points, being national assessment bodies, ensure the linkage between project outcomes and policy makers and come with country-specific products (e.g. seminars or reports available in national language) for the purpose of informing policy makers on recommendations produced within the project.

National Center for Assessment and Testing under the Government of the Republic of Armenia

IRSA recent and upcoming events

IRSA’s key project activities encompass three domains training and “learning by doing”, research conducting and results dissemination. Within these domains CICED organizes different types of events that’s include activities aim at developing educators’ capacity in beneficiary countries, seminars, workshops, study-tours and panels within the duration of international conferences.

IRSA Project and Sustainable Development Goals

International Research of Student Achievements Project is aimed at accelerating of the achievement of the SDG 4th (targets 4.1 and 4.C) and SDG 17th (targets 17.6 and 17.9) through

  • promoting use of innovative methodologies for education quality assessment

  • educators’ capacity building

  • gaining research data for policymaking and

  • accelerating regional cooperation.

IRSA Project Stages and Timeline

Localization of tools for research

February – November 2017
Tools localization and adaptation procedures accompanied by training

Research pilot

March – May 2018
At this stage the research was conducted on a small sample

Clinical approbation of tools

June – September 2018
Research tools adjusted on the results of clinical approbation

Main research procedures

March – October 2019
Data collection in 5 countries on the sample of 5000 pupils and 150 teachers

Research mid-term results presentation

October 2019
At the Global READ conference participants of the IRSA Partnership spoke on the research results and educational events accompanied

Country reports on mid-term results

May 2020
All participating countries presented country reports on the mid-term results of the project


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