IRSA study workgroup meeting

On November 13, 2019, a meeting of the International Research of Students Achievements (IRSA) cross-country study working group was held at the VIII annual international conference in frames of the EAOKO (Eurasian Association for Educational Assessment) at the scientific and methodological institution “National Institute of Education” of the Ministry of Education of Belarus.

During the workshop, participants analyzed the structure and content of preliminary country reports, discussed and agreed on a plan for preparation of their final versions as well as general report on the outcomes of the study.

The presentation of the developer of SAM information analysis and testing (AIS) system was of particular interest for meeting participants. AIS will simplify the process of processing data retrieved during the study, as well as conducting their statistical analysis and making reports on its results.

Along with this, discussion and planning of events for the presentation of research results at international conferences and seminars was carried out. In conclusion, a list of additional studies to be carried out in 2020 was drafted.

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