International cooperation of CICED in 2023

The Center for International Cooperation develops and deepens international cooperation with partner organizations and educational authorities. Effective implementation of the Center’s strategy is impossible without the active exchange of knowledge, technologies and practical developments between leading Russian and foreign experts in the framework of joint projects and events, conferences, seminars and trainings, in the implementation of joint research and programs to improve the quality of education.

The Center’s particularly active cooperation has always been in the area of contacts with partners and colleagues from the CIS countries. A common past and language of communication, a similar structure of the entire education system, and adherence to the same values make this type especially productive.

Over the past years, the Center and partner organizations of the CIS countries have conducted more than 30 joint studies, more than 500 people have been trained in the Center’s programs, more than 20 grants have been allocated for scientific research, several tools for assessing the quality of education have been localized, and a cross-country study has been conducted with a sample of more than 5,000 students in five countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when education systems around the world were in crisis, the Center and partners

Among the common tasks of the Center and partners, there continues to be, first of all, conducting cross-country research, expanding the network of experts, training specialists in educational courses, organizing grant competitions to support research teams and original developments, strengthening the role and participation of experts in international projects. Also, work in this area becomes a good opportunity to promote the developments of Russian researchers in the field of assessing the quality of education and make them available to those who are interested in studying the approaches of the Russian Federation, which consistently occupies the top lines of world education rankings, to education management.

In 2023, the Center held a series of working meetings with representatives of partner organizations of the CIS countries. Agreements were reached to implement a broad program of joint research, conduct educational events to improve the skills of teachers, as well as conduct seminars and conferences to exchange experiences.

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