International cooperation

To attract interest of the international expert community to the works under the READ program and to strengthen international partnership between Russia and other countries CICED develops cooperation with leading international organizations.

As the central project of the READ program in 2016-2019 it is planned to organize and conduct cross-country comparative research for the evaluation of education and subject competences of primary school students with application of the developed Russian tool.

CICED aims at strengthening cooperation with international organizations by:

  • inviting  their representatives to participate in educational events
  • implementating of joint projects (cross-country research projects to develop national systems of quality assessment in developing countries)
  • participating in international scientific events (working groups, expert discussions, etc.)

By developing partnerships with leading international organizations CICED promotes inclusion of Russian experts into international educational projects, involvement in new initiatives in education, attracting international expertise, mutual exchange of knowledge and, ultimately, increase the quality of educational assessment in CIS countries, the emergence of stable demand on the Russian tools and technologies in the field of education.

This is achieved by expansion of cooperation with leading international organizations: OECD, The World Bank, national development agencies, international professional associations,  etc.

CICED also maintains expert contacts with the relevant education authorities of the CIS countries, carrying out joint projects on important local issues.

CICED’s collaboration with the national ministries of education and centers of education quality assessment of the CIS countries is a key factor of successful implementation of projects on creation and promotion of quality assessment tools  and development of  technology for cross-country comparative research.

Developing cooperation with partners from the CIS CICED  sets itself the following tasks:

  • to establish and expand cooperative ties with relevant organizations in the CIS countries in the field of education quality assessment
  • to increase use of the Russian expertise and intellectual capacity in the implementation of programs of reforming and development of educational systems

Demand on  Russian developments in the country partners allow to achieve the main CICED goal: creation of unified professional platform and a common approach to the assessment of the quality of education in the CIS countries.