International Association for Educational Achievements announces global study for 21st Century skills

International Association for Educational Achievements (IEA) invites education systems to join 21CS MAP: the first study of its kind in IEA history.

As countries worldwide expand their educational vision to include what are often termed 21st century skills (21CS), there lacks a consensus on what is meant by 21CS and how these skills are included in countries’ curricula.

21CS MAP is a new, comparative, curriculum mapping study aimed at addressing this gap. Participating in 21CS MAP will provide countries with reliable, comparative information about the different curricular approaches to give students the opportunity to develop crucial skills. To achieve this, the study will explore, describe and analyze the intended curricular opportunities for students to meet 21CS learning goals.

We encourage our friends, colleagues and partner organizations to participate in 21CS MAP and to join the international community of educators interested in mapping, understanding and improving how young people learn in a changing world.

Please find detailed information about the study and timelines in the 21CS MAP information package under this link.

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