The raise of the interest to the international events organized by CICED and its partners demonstrates the value of the education quality assessment theme for the Russian and CIS specialists. The raise of the value of this theme is a result of the long-term partnership between Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the World Bank.

The World Bank Moscow office implements READ 2 RAS program that  aims at development and support of the Russian expert community. In frames of READ 2 RAS includes support of the initiatives launched within the READ program and also will support the start of the new initiatives. It will provide further support to MA programs hosted by the Higher School of Economics and Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies and further support for CICED. Two contest were supported so far. The contest to launch export of the MA program in CIS countries and PhD program in Russia (PhD program will be hosted by Higher School of Economics). 2 rounds of the Small Grants Program were conducted as well as the contest for the best in-classroom assessment practices. In 2018 the new 3 tier program will be launched to improve the expert capacity in Russia.

For more information on READ RAS program please contact its coordinator Dmitriy Chugunov at (