In October of this year, the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science will conduct an All-Russian study of teacher competences, in which about 18 thousand teachers from 45 regions will take part.

In each region, special sites are organized, where teachers will perform special tasks on materials developed at the federal level. Teachers will take part in research on the disciplines that they teach in schools: Russian language and literature, mathematics and computer science, history, social studies, economics, law, subjects “Russia in the world”, “Mother tongue and native literature”, “Fundamentals spiritually -moral culture of the peoples of Russia “. Along with the tasks of the diagnostic work within the study, teachers will have to answer the questionnaire, some of which are aimed at identifying the psychological and pedagogical aspects of the teacher’s activities. In addition, the results of teachers are investigated depending on the contextual data – the type of school, the size of the locality, the experience and age of the teacher, etc.

In the future, the assessment of teachers’ competencies should become one of the elements of the national system of professional teacher growth, which the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation is currently developing on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the assessment of the level of professional competence, it will be possible to build a system of professional development for teachers, and thus improve the quality of school education in the country.