The Evaluation of Teachers (ETP) tool

Evaluation of Teachers (ETP).


The Evaluation of Teachers (ETP) tool for diagnosing teachers’ pedagogical practices is a package of diagnostic tasks for teachers and is based on the principles of subject competencies monitoring for schoolchildren called “SAM” (Student Achievement Monitoring). This tool allows you to determine the levels of acquisition of educational material by students at different stages of schooling.

The tool is exploratory in nature and makes it possible to evaluate modern pedagogical practices that teachers use to achieve higher levels (reflexive and functional) for students in mastering the educational material of school subjects.

Testing method.

While solving by various methods the diagnostic tasks, education management specialists, experts, methodologists, employees of the advanced training system, administrations of educational organizations can actually recreate the pedagogical practice of a particular teacher or an entire educational institution. Determining the minimum conditions and requirements for pedagogical practice, which gives the best result in learning, helps students reach the functional level of mastering the subject.

The practice of using this tool confirmed the hypothesis that high results of level education obtained with the help of SAM technology are possible to achieve if the content, methods and forms of organization of the educational process in mass pedagogical practice are built in a certain way. If the construction of pedagogical practice at school is based on the learning model in the theory of cultural development, then such pedagogical practice has more chances and opportunities to achieve good results and high quality education in modern conditions.

Since the testing itself requires a long time (up to 180 minutes) and includes a large amount of textual material, the entire procedure for completing tasks takes place on a digital platform in a remote format. This allows the tool to be used in post-COVID education, to summarize a large amount of information received, and to involve a large number of teachers in order to obtain more accurate results.

The best option for obtaining an accurate result is the simultaneous diagnosis of the teacher using the ETP tool and his students using the SAM tool. This approach allows you to immediately establish “deficiencies” in certain participants in the diagnosis. Any educational material of any school discipline can be used to develop diagnostic tasks.

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