CICED’s panel and workshop at the symposium of the Moscow City University

The fourth annual international symposium of the Moscow City University MGPU “Education and the city: quality education for modern cities” took place on August 23-25. The symposium is co-organized by Moscow City University (Russia), Dublin City University (Ireland) and Taipei City University (Taiwan), and the Eurasian Association for Education Quality Assessment (Russia). CICED organized an international panel with partners. During the panel participants discussed issues of further support for the development and localization of promising Russian methodologies and tools for assessing the quality of education. The panel discussion was also devoted to the discussion of a new cross-country project on the development and implementation of experimental teaching and methodological modules to improve educational achievements and eliminate educational deficits in basic school students based on the SAM three-level assessment methodology. The discussion was attended by specialists from the national centers for assessing the quality of education in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Tajikistan and the research center of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Belarus. An article will be published based on the results of participation in the symposium. During the symposium CICED presented workshop by the Professor of the Manchester University William Boyle. Based on over thirty years international experience of research and practice of formative teaching, learning and assessment, Professor Bill Boyle has developed a Modular programme which supports understandings of formative teaching and enables learner-centred pedagogy to be used effectively in teaching situations. Each of the three Modules contributes to the research student’s/teacher’s developing understanding of the central role of formative assessment in effective teaching and learning The focus is on formative assessment being understood and used to support student learning through the integration of the processes of teaching, learning and assessment in classroom pedagogical practice.

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CICED’s panel at the symposium of the Moscow City University
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