Meeting of the Building Evidence for Education working group

Since 2012 CICED’s is an active member of the international working group Building Evidence in Education (BE2). The main objective of BE2 is bilateral and multilateral cooperation of international donors with the aim of exchanging research data for more effective use in shaping educational policy and reforming educational systems. Group members include donor agencies, grant foundations with a focus on educational research, and public and private development agencies. The group is rotated and managed annually by organizations such as the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). In-person meetings of the group are held on a regular basis. Between face-to-face meetings, work continues remotely. During the pandemic the BEE members continued their work remotely and had their first meeting on November 17th 2021. The meeting focused around Designing Research for Use and all participants were invited to share experiences, challenges, and guiding principles for increasing the utilization of evidence  in policymaking and programming. The goal during this member meeting was to  consider how researchers and academic institutions can conduct research in a way that  maximizes its use from the outset and results in real change for education systems and the  children and youth they support. This included examples on co-creation, implementation research and measurement of research uptake.

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