We bring to your attention the Interfax material, in which Alexander Belikov, an analyst at the Center for Socio-Economic Development of the Institute of Education at HSE, and the leading expert at the Center for Socio-Economic Development at the Institute of Educationat HSE Tatyana Mertsalova talk about the problems of content and availability of statistical data on Russian secondary schools.

According to the authors, the main problem of Russian educational statistics (or, more precisely, of all Russian statistics) is not so much the lack of data as the archaic nature of their presentation, and lack of access to them, especially in terms of information about educational results and object-specific data about educational organizations . Data on schools in Russia is collected, but working with it, being a non-professional, is almost impossible.

The absence of information that could be useful to researchers, managers, or other interested persons is rather isolated cases. The main problem is to make what is already convenient and accessible for use.

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