Center for International Cooperation in Education Development CICED planned the conduction of cross-country research in 2018-2019. The main research goal is to analyse relations between approaches to Math teaching and development of cognitive skills of primary school students.


Main feature of the CICED research is it’s complex nature. In frames of this project it is planned not only to assess level of development of cognitive skills of primary school students but also to perform analysis of factors related to learning results. The central tool for the research is monitoring for assessment of subject competencies SAM.


In frames of preparational works for the research CICED conducted 4 seminars for representatives of ministries of education, national testing centres and specialists of educational sphere of partners countries that will participate in cross-country research: Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Seminars were conducted by leading tool developers and CICED representatives.


During seminars following questions were discussed: SAM application for monitoring of numeracy in primary school, development of managemental decisions on results of monitoring, tool localization, formation of national research teams, technologies of cross-country research conduction.


Seminars conduction helped to promote Russian developments, expertise and consulting and also to implement preparational works for cross-country research in 2018-2019.